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With the passing of time your computer accumulates files that do nothing but hang out on your hard drive, slow down the operating speed, or put your whole system at risk (as in the case of viruses or all kinds of malware that could be knocking around in some remote corner of your machine). MPC Cleaner helps you solve all these problems with just a few clicks.

The MPC Cleaner interface is very pleasant to look at thanks to its simplicity and colors, which help you tell what's what with just a glance, as well as understand what each option does. To start, pick one of the three functions in the tool.

– Speed. When you run this option, MPC Cleaner starts scanning your add-ons, services, programmed tasks, auto-startups, and everything that might slow your system down. After finishing the acceleration process you'll see how much your connection has been sped up in terms of percent.

– Optimization. In this section you'll see the MPC Cleaner logo that indicates the overall score given to your system and whether you should fix any errors. Under consideration here are things like your system cache, the trash in your registry, startups, system debris, or other trash from applications and games.

– Protection. This third option helps you protect your browser and start page from malicious software or sites that might put your system at risk. In short, a complete process to keep any sort of harmful item from affecting your system and components.
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